Great Idea! And… is not your typical management or leadership book!

You get a great idea.

It would make you and others look good. You try to run your idea by a boss or colleague who needs to have a stake in it. But instead of wild enthusiasm, the stakeholder pushes back — or you get no response at all. You give up on the idea. Why did this happen?

Great ideas sometimes get shot down because they are great.

Great Idea! And..: Helping Others Learn to See the Beauty in Your Ideas is Deb Wild's new book
Deb Wild’s new book for leadership and management coaching.

Ideas connote change. Change (even the good kind) can be intense. No matter how solid your ideas may be, others may resist if they aren’t ready to see the beauty in them. How can you help them get ready?

  • Ideas are like feedback. Your listener often shuts it down as a protection. Learn how to share your ideas in sensitive, inspiring ways that invite your listener to see the beauty of it.
  • There is an art to idea sharing. In this workbook, you’ll learn how adults tend to learn as well as how to apply management and leadership best practices. A sense of humor will help you — the process may require you to appreciate people who might not appreciate you back!
  • Create a personalized learning experience in how to present your ideas. You’ll develop your idea plan through creative exploration, reflection, testing, and planning.
  • Managers: Use this workbook to strengthen your coaching skills and to encourage innovation in your team.

Whether you’re in your first job or a seasoned professional, Great Idea! And… will help you improve your communications with your colleagues and add to your existing portfolio of skills.

Be inspired!

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Explore The Art of Idea Sharing with Best Practices

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What the experts are saying about Deb Wild’s Great Idea! And…

Deb Wild’s mad genius has inspired her to create a playful and practical manual on how to share great ideas at work. Great Idea! And… also gives managers coaching tools that can build employees and teams to reach new levels of collaboration, trust, and productivity.
Alesia Latson, Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, and Author

The way Deb Wild presents her ideas makes me want to get up and dance. That’s Deb. She has that effect. The really cool thing is that she can teach us to do the same thing. What a gift!
Perry Carrison, Carrison Inc.  http://www.carrison-inc.com/

Don’t be fooled by Deb Wild’s amiable, casual, playful manner: she is listening deeply. Seriously. Her solutions not only embrace adult learning and the art of idea sharing, they apply the art of visual learning. Her ideas literally jump off the page to be used and applied.
Janet Britcher, President. Transformation Management LLC www.transformationmanagement.com

OMG! I have to run a session for new managers in a creative, competitive work environment…what resources can I find right now that would wow the group?
Why, I would recommend Deb Wild’s new book,
Great Idea! And…
Sophie Parker. Sophie Parker & Associates, LLC, Organization development consultant and executive coach   http://www.sophieparker.com

Deb Wild knows the right questions to ask in order to get people involved. I want to clone her brain and learn to think like she does!  As a high school teacher working with very reluctant learners; I’m eager to try out some of Deb’s clear and practical ideas in my classroom.
Deborah Jose, MS
English Language Learners’ Science Teacher

Deb Wild, an incredible professional and personality, made a significant influence on my career and life. I consider Deb to be one of the most creative thinkers and leaders I know. Her coaching helped me make several important life decisions. I am ready to order several copies of Great Idea! And… to share with colleagues and friends.
Zaruhi Furunjyan, Senior Manager, Head of Advisory KPMG Armenia