Appreciate Genius

Instead of viewing yourself (and others) with an analytical lens, it’s helpful to focus on genius. Genius connotes more than just intelligence. In ancient Rome, a genius was the guiding spirit of a person, family, or place. The term comes from Latin and means “to create or produce.”
These days, we tend to attribute genius to leaders in fields such as physics, engineering, mathematics, art, or literature. However, it can mean much more. Sophie is a genius at asking insightful questions, Alesia at collaborating, Perry at storytelling, Tigran at empathy, and Lauren at motivation.

Focusing on genius means looking for and appreciating a person’s most highly developed traits. Genius!Before appreciating the genius in others, think about your own. What do you most appreciate about yourself? What are your most highly developed skills or attributes?

Which of your qualities or strengths gratify you the most when you use or apply them? How does your genius tend to show up?

What is the best compliment you have ever received? What elated you?

Give yourself some affirmations. Focus on your strengths. Be your own cheerleader. Here is a great chance to celebrate your gifts.

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