Best Practices

In the fields of management and leadership, a best practice is defined as a behavior optimal performers regularly demonstrate. Optimal performers tend to be inspiring, collaborative, highly effective people. Some well-known best practices include the ability:

  • to listen,
  • to ask powerful open-ended questions, and
  • to regularly apply systems thinking to factor for multiple perspectives.

Best Practices: Thumbs Up!Great Idea! AND… offers dozens of helpful best practices—lots of “ands” to add to your existing portfolio of skills and attributes. In the workbook, best practices are indicated by a “thumbs up” icon.

Many of these best practices inter-relate and build on each other. For example, GAUGE ENERGY, STOP AND REFLECT, and BALANCE correlate and strengthen each other.

Great Idea! And… provides several opportunities to create your own connections between best practices and to practice applying them to a test idea you are planning to share.

For a taste of a few best practices from the workbook, choose an icon  You have the option to access free worksheets adapted from Great Idea! And…


Best Practices: Gauge Energy
Gauge Energy


Best Practices: Stop and Reflect
Stop and Reflect


Best Practices: Strive for Balance
Strive for Balance