Gauge Energy

In Great Idea! And… “energy” is defined as physical and mental power that can be

  • external (what others see us do or say), or
  • internal (how we think or feel).

Some people have lots of external energy. They seem to be “on” a lot. As natural doers or drivers, they tend to advocate for their points of view and to convey share strong senses of urgency.

Gauge EnergyOthers prefer to channel energy internally and tend to do more listening, asking questions, or asking for time to reflect before responding.

Both ends of the spectrum are valid, honorable – and necessary for great ideas to blossom.

Our energy choices depend on context. We shift around a lot. When I facilitate a meeting, I am on full alert. However, when I get back to my office, I need a breather before the next commitment. This is the ideal scenario.

Unfortunately, we often don’t get the time (or give ourselves permission) to process where we’re investing our energy.

The GAUGE ENERGY best practice reminds us to be more aware of our own and others’ energy choices. This practice is powerful on its own, and even more so when combined with other best practices.


Get a sample worksheet that can help you apply this best practice.

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